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Fashion Styling Course

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Online Fashion Styling Course


Course content:
This course provides an introduction to the stylist's role in personal and publishing field. It represent the first steps in this popular fashion career path starting from the basis.

The course includes topics as:
the skin colours, the different body shapes, how to use the styling for different situations, how translate a runway look into a real life, how dressing different age ranges of women, how get different mood's style and how stylize a girl's week with a limited number of items. Furthermore, how to build a look like a star and a capsule wardrobe collection till how plan an editorial fashion shooting.

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How it works:
The course is divided into 4 modules.
When you download the first module you will take an appointment with the teacher to get the online photoshop lesson. After that you will be able to work on your own way.
When all the exercises will be complete you will send them to the teacher and taking an appointment, you will correct them with her.

After each module you can buy the following one.
At the end of the last module (D) you will have the possibility to do the final tests, the overview for all the excercises done and gain the FINAL CERTIFICATE.

Buy Module A
MODULE A - 400€

Buy the Module A

MODULE B - 150€ ( you can buy the Module B only after you have purchased the Module A )

MODULE C - 150€ ( you can buy the Module C only after you have purchased the Module A - B )

MODULE D - 150€ ( you can buy the Module D only after you have purchased the Module A - B - C)


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